Online Preschool: Expectations vs. Benefits

Guest Article / Wednesday, March 31st, 2021

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Online preschool is the revolutionary new way of preschool learning. Some parents are used to the conventional in-person-style preschool where they can drop off their child to their caregiver and be off to work. For whatever reason a parent chooses online preschool, whether they work from home or have a grandparent watching their child, they understand that children need and crave activities and learning opportunities. Such activities that can help to keep their mind engaged. How can this be accomplished when parents are still needing to work? Since children can learn from virtually anywhere, online preschool to the rescue! More about that later as we explore Online Preschool: Expectations vs. Benefits.


Parent’s Expectations For Online Preschool

Parents undoubtedly have expectations of what they’re looking for in an online preschool setting. Here are some popular expectations that are searched by parents when looking for a preschool:

  • Consistency
  • Routine
  • Age-appropriate lessons
  • Fun activities
  • Caring teachers
  • Keeping child busy


Those expectations don’t sound too far off base, right? How will it look when you compare expectations vs. benefits? Read on to take a look at the benefits of online preschool. 

Benefits of Online Preschool

Once children are enrolled and have started with online preschool, the benefits of preschool have settled in. Parent’s expectations are hopefully coming to fruition. Based on timeless interaction with parents, we have a list of what they have witnessed with online preschool.

  • Can log in to class and learn from anywhere in the world
  • Children are laughing and smiling during lesson time
  • Teachers are loving and engaging
  • Activities are fun and age-appropriate
  • Lesson time is the perfect mix of academics (pre-math, writing, art, science, etc)
  • Online computer time is adequate according to the age 
  • Children move seamlessly through the guided activities
  • Parents, grandparents, or nanny can also interact with the child during their activities
  • Topics covered during the lesson are interesting and fun
  • Monthly themes are child approved (Insects, Dinosaurs, Cars, Gardening, etc)
  • All class materials are shipped right to your door


The Final Outcome

As you can see, the benefits of online preschool outweigh the expectations. Growing Brilliant Online Preschool does a tremendous job of meeting the parent’s expectations and fulfilling all, and more, of the benefits of online learning. Better yet, parents can log-in their child to their class from anywhere! Going on vacation and don’t want to miss a class? Having a sleepover at grandma and grandpa’s house? Not a problem with Growing Brilliant Online Preschool, you can access the classes anywhere you have an internet connection!

How Can You Try Growing Brilliant Online Preschool?

Simply click here to try a free class and see for yourself how amazing their online preschool and activities are!