Fun and Educational Online Activities for Kids

Uncategorized / Monday, April 6th, 2020

When kids are stuck inside, boredom can quickly turn into a bad attitude, which can be trouble for the whole family. In order to prevent this, it’s important to look for ways your child can entertain himself while still learning a few things, and that’s where the computer, tablet, or smartphone comes in.


Many parents want to limit their child’s time on devices, especially if they can play outside and get some exercise. However, there are certain apps and websites that can help kids of all ages learn about several different topics, with some of them even helping little ones get up and moving, such as these dance tutorials on YouTube. When going outside isn’t an option, you can look to these sites to help your child have fun and stay safe.


Here are a few of the best places to look.


Get Experimental


Most kids love science because it allows them to experiment and use hands-on learning. There are many different subjects, from Earth science to biology, so find one that involves a topic your child is interested in. Animals, volcanoes, geology, the human body, nature, and chemical reactions are all included under the header of science, and if you join one of these with something he’s already interested in, he’ll be more likely to stick with it. Go here for several examples of toys and experiments your child can use to learn and have fun at the same time.


Connect Them with School


There are several apps and sites out there that connect the classroom with your home, such as Starfall and Prodigy. These will help your child work on the subjects that give him the most trouble, from spelling to math, while having fun with games and interacting with friends. Check with your child’s teacher to see whether these platforms are being utilized in the classroom and, if not, whether they could be. 


Use Homework Apps


In today’s tech-oriented age, you can find apps for just about everything under the sun. This includes apps that help children and their parents with homework. According to 9To5Mac, apps such as The Homework App and myHomework Student Planner can help kids keep track of what they need to accomplish. What’s more, these apps let parents see what their kids have on their plates, as well as how they should spend their time after school. With a little help, your kids can stay on top of their work and parents can keep track of what their children need to finish up.


Let Him Tour a Museum


Whether your child loves art or dinosaurs, there’s likely a museum around that will blow his mind with its treasures. However, how do you get to France on a limited budget to visit the Louvre? Head to the computer. Many museums now offer virtual tours for those who can’t physically come for a visit, creating the perfect opportunity for your child to learn about history, classical artists, science, animals (both living and extinct), and space. Look online to see if your favorite museum offers virtual tours




If your child loves learning about how things work, head to the Smithsonian’s website, where there are games, live video streams of exotic animals, and tutorials on how to build everything from a Day of the Dead altar to a sketch diary. This site is a great spot for kids of all ages. 


The Power of Tablets


Although it may initially appear that they’re only good for gaming and social media, tablets can play an important role in your child’s life. In addition to keeping track of their homework and providing access to countless tutorials and instructional videos, tablets allow your child a certain amount of creative freedom via apps such as Art Class with Dr. Panda. There are many affordable kid-friendly tablets that will keep them engaged until they’re a little older.


Finding fun things for your kids to do when they’re stuck inside isn’t always easy, but there are tons of ways you can incorporate learning with something that truly interests your little one. Encourage him to talk about the things he finds, and get involved by helping him create a journal of his explorations and accomplishments.