Staying Fit While Traveling

Uncategorized / Wednesday, February 12th, 2020

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Today we are busier than ever with work, family time, and travel. We are constantly on the go, moving things forward and trying to keep our heads above water. Have you ever tried to figure out how to stay fit while traveling? What fitness program can we do anywhere at any time? How do we schedule time for fitness with our busy schedules?

I have spent a great deal of time on the road in my career and I can say that it’s extremely hard to stay fit while traveling. I have spent hours trying to plan workouts whether traveling for business or pleasure and was mostly unsuccessful.

I would research where I was traveling to in order to find hotels with fitness centers that weren’t just a treadmill and an exercise bike, map out gyms near hotels, or figure out routes to run. I would get so exhausted from all of the planning that I would usually just give up and find something on TV to watch.

One day I was watching infomercials when I couldn’t sleep after an extensive business trip. One caught my attention mainly because it was stating that fitness could be done in a small amount of space with limited workout equipment. The infomercial was for P90X taught by Tony Horton.  For those of you that don’t know Tony, he is a mix between Ace Ventura and Tony Robins. His challenging workout with bits of “dad jokes” keeps you motivated.  

I bought the program and I have to say it worked. I was able to get in better shape than I was in college. It worked so well that I have done it at least once a year for the past decade. I was able to travel with minimal workout equipment (usually just fitness bands and running shoes). I could also plan my workouts, doing plyometric training, kick boxing, and yoga all while I was on the road. I was even able to use a small 8’ x 8’ space to workout. Back when I started you just carried DVD’s, but now Beach Body (who owns the P90X program) has released a new workout streaming service.

This service is called Beach Body on demand (BOD). There are over 40 different workout programs on this system with different coaches. There is a great variety of workout programs on this service, so whatever you are feeling like that day all you have to do is push play and get to work easily on your schedule. Now, here is the cool part about this: You don’t need a gym membership, a bunch of gym equipment at your home, or a great deal of space. You also don’t have to waste time waiting for people to get done using equipment you need to use. It’s efficient and wide open for you to decide what you want to do that day. You can even stream it on your phone from the app, or from a laptop.

No, I am not a Beach Body coach, I don’t sell the materials or their magic shake formula (which I don’t use), but I do endorse this format, especially if you are a busy individual. It works if you put forth the effort and push play. I have used this workout formula, and it helps me mitigate stress, process ideas, and clear my head. If it worked for me, then it can work for anyone.  

Bonus Tip: When I finish a workout program entirely, I treat myself to something as a way to set a goal to complete a program.   

I hope this helps any of you that travel or just don’t have a great deal of time for fitness due to your busy schedules!



Kevin Sidebottom


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