The Baby Shower Gift You Wish Existed When You Were Pregnant

Guest Article / Wednesday, December 16th, 2020

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Becoming pregnant brings with it many joys, new stresses, and endless options. 

Similar to the wedding industry and its variety of options to use or buy, the baby industry seems to have its own division under the heading “categories that are immune to prices”. What that really means is people will spend at all ends of the spectrum in this category. Just like you can get married in your current best clothes at the local courthouse for under $100, you can also have an 8 day party with 10 tiered cake and 400 guests costing six figures.

Pregnancy and babies have a similar range and quantity of choices, with some people falling over themselves to gift you items that are supposed to be useful. The key difference here is that it becomes harder to judge the cost benefit of each item. In a wedding, your preferred style and input from other sources you are using are typically clear and easily known. Most products for new moms are geared to something baby would use, which you have no idea of baby’s likes or dislikes until having baby interact with said product.

That makes the decision making process much harder. If you’ve never had to change diapers before, how will you know if you actually prefer disposables, a style of cloth diapering, or incorporating Elimination Communication (EC) until actually doing it? Plus, you can buy creams, oils, and gourmet snacks for yourself as a treat, though they rarely provide more than a temporary reprieve to your situation. Pair that with the swing that only makes baby cry more and you may start to question your sanity.

That’s why in November 2020 I published a book. Available in paperback or at your favorite e-book retailer, it details 15 practical ways to make mom’s life easier. Each tip focuses on how to reduce reoccurring situations that increase stress with having a newborn around, along with personal examples and ways to implement. Its easy to read structure and grouped categories allow you to quickly find and reference relevant sections.

This is the must have item you wish existed before now! It makes an easy addition to any registry, and is the perfect companion to a baby shower or new mother gift. 


New moms get to:

  • Learn about ways to organize their day and manage their expectations.
  • Discover how to tap into their local community, family, and friends for support.
  • Minimize stress caused by four main money concerns by implementing provided strategies.
  • Maximize their mommy/baby bond with four parenting frameworks.


Written by a mom who had three kids under age three for over a year. Edited and influenced by first time moms who have made it past the first year. Made for moms:

  • Who don’t need more contraptions to make life easier.
  • Without a large support network local to them.
  • Who want a book on actions to improve THEIR life, not just baby’s.
  • That desire examples to accompany recommendations, and ideas on how to implement them.


To: MOM – get a handle on your stress levels, stay sane, and find new ways to enjoy the everyday in every day, starting today!