What’s So Great About Boise, Idaho?

Uncategorized / Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

Guest article from KarenBoos.com

There have been more than a few headlines about Boise lately. Mainly, we’ve tied for first with Nevada for states that have had the largest growth in 2017-2018, according to the US Census Bureau’s latest report. People are flocking to Idaho, and specifically Boise in droves, mostly from California, but from other places like Texas, Utah, and Washington as well. As residents, born and raised here, we’ve known for a long time what these other people are just now discovering: Boise is one amazing place to live and raise a family. If you or someone you know is interested in moving here and putting down roots, then please read on as we’re going to explore just a few of the many great things that makes Boise special.

City of Trees… And Hills, And Mountains, And So Much More!

For those not in the know, Boise’s other name is “The City of Trees” from the original French, “Les Bois” from which our name is derived. And yes, you bet your bottom dollar that it lives up to its name! We love our trees along one of the nation’s oldest and most elaborate greenbelts that runs the entire length of the city, providing walkers and bikers a beautiful nature path that is just literally minutes of walking from downtown. Many people who live in the areas surrounding Boise but work downtown or in other parts of the city use the greenbelt to commute to and from work every day. While we love hiking and biking along the greenbelt, we also have hundreds of biking and hiking trails within the city and just outside its borders: Here’s just a few to get you started.

If hiking in the heat isn’t your thing, then let’s crank up the cold air and strap those skis on so we can head to Bogus Basin ski resort for some day skiing. Just outside of town up the (appropriately named) Bogus Basin road, you can find our beloved ski resort within about an hour’s drive from Boise to the first lodge parking lot. During winter, many Boiseans pop up to Bogus for a few quick runs during lunch. And if you can’t get enough of those fantastic slopes during the warmer months, Bogus is also a favorite place for mountain biking and nature walking.

Oh, did we mention that we love camping too? Boise is a camper’s dream come true. Imagine this: During the week you can work your fast-paced job at a local tech startup in downtown while on the weekends you can toss the tents in the back of your car and be in the middle of pristine wilderness in under an hour. The weekends just got a little brighter.

Thriving DIY Culture

There’s nothing like that feeling you get after a job well done. If you know that feeling and you love doing projects in and around your home, then Boise is the place for you. Boise is filled with strong, independent minded people who like to cross as many things off the “honey do” list with their own bare hands. Looking to save money and help do your part to “go green” this summer? Then you could install or upgrade your home’s soffit vents using this (free) handy guide created by an Idaho family-owned business. The guide is a complete step by step walkthrough of the entire process, down to the materials list itself!

Want to build your own robot or learn more about AI? Then Boise is the place to be. Idaho Robotics offers camps and classes for those interested in learning more about building and programming real robots. Check out their full activity guide here.

Art. Culture. Entertainment.

Boise is great for those weekend warriors, dedicated to chasing the thrill of the latest hiking/skiing/camping adventure, but for those of us who may prefer the great indoors more often than not, Boise is great for that too. We are lucky to have so many cultural and entertainment touchstones that makes our little city a true embarrassment of riches. Here’s a few that we enjoy:

The Idaho Shakespeare Festival

Ballet Idaho

Boise Contemporary Theatre

The Boise Philharmonic

The Boise Film Festival

Just to name a few! Of course, the best thing about moving and buying a house in Boise, Idaho is the people. We are lucky enough to have the best people in the US right here. Why don’t you come on by and join us? See you soon!